Bottles Water Coolers

We offer Bottled Water Coolers in beautiful designs. Equipped with very efficient refrigeration system, our Bottled Water Coolers are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Available in several dimensions, our Bottled Water Coolers are designed for easy access that allows the user to easily sanitize them. There is absolutely no chance of water contamination. In fact, you get pure water devoid of any foul odor or bad taste. Our Bottled Water Coolers are rated to highly energy efficient and that can keep your electricity bills down by substantial margins. Last but not the least, we offer Bottled Water Coolers at prices that are reasonable and suit you budget.

Installation of Bottled Water Coolers is free of cost. We will track the maintenance of your Bottled Water Cooler via our service database. Servicing is conducted every 13 weeks or 26 weeks depending on the model you have opted for. Our technically expert professionals visit to clean and sanitize your Water Coolers. In case of emergency, we respond immediately on the same day.