Buy Mains Connected Water Coolers

Hydra Health’s cloud white Hydra5 and Hydra6 mains connected filtered drinking water coolers have become the industry water cooler of choice for SME’s, private hospitals, medical centers, dental practices and business in general since being introduced by Hydra Health in 2006.

It is most cost effective when compared to both bottle water usage and the much more expensive under sink models.

The Hydra5 and Hydra6 can be installed in most areas where there is access to mains water being particularly popular in staff kitchens and break out rooms.

Its reliability is a major feature with Hydra Health giving a 3 year warranty on all parts and labour when it is purchased.

The Hydra5 and Hydra6 are both fitted with changeable NSF approved twin sediment and taste and odour filters providing great tasting pure drinking water.

Other models including stainless steel are available.

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